Microbiome Balancing

Explore your stool test results and talk about how you may create a healthier and more balanced microbiome.

Helminthic Therapy

Probiotic helminths to ameliorate allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Macrobiome Analysis

Fecal egg count service to check the state of your symbiotic helminths,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Helminthic Therapy.

About us

How our journey to a better health started and why we founded YourSymbionts

In Depth

More information of microbiome balancing and helminthic therapy

What people say


irritable bowel syndrome

Microbiome Balancing

My IBS-A is finally under control, no more constipation or diarrhea! I am much more comfortable and my health in general improved!


ulcerative colitis

Helminthic Therapy

6 months into treatment with Na and Tto and my UC improved greatly. No more bleeding and I can tolerate more foods. Finally putting on some weight!

Together against Allergy and Autoimmunity

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