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Our story

The first time Steven Gielis came into contact with autoimmune diseases and their debilitating concequences was when he met his wife. She suffered from an extreme form of Asthma. Any physical strain could lead to an attack. An attack could make her go into shock and she would stop breathing!

She was already on corticosteroids and was always carrying an epi-pen with her. This was all what conventional medicine could offer her. The side effects these medicines had where also not to be underestimated.

Astonished by the lack of a decent conventional treatment, Steven started looking for alternative therapies. He remembered from the course parasitology from his Biology studies that the prevalence of allergies and autoimmune diseases is inversely correlated with the prevalence of certain parasites. This in fact intreaged him already when he was in college.

Steven was amazed to find groups of helminthic therapy self treaters on the internet. Helminths seemed safe to use and effective for many people! It took some convincing but his wife decided to give it a try. They ordered a dose of Necator americanus hookworm larvae online. A few weeks later the first dose arrived and she started the experimental therapy.

Six months later and a few additional doses further they started noticing benefits from the therapy. The improvements were slow and gradually but a year into therapy she could built of the corticosteroids without seeing an increase in Asthma symptoms. She continued to improve to the point where she could even start doing sports! Nothing short of a miracle!

Four years later Steven decided to start the company YourSymbionts. As he believes everybody should have access to this great natural therapy!

His knowledge of laboratory techniques were a great value when starting this endeavour. Our methods for the incubation, isolation, cleaning and packaging of helminth symbionts are as stringent as possible.

In his search for alternative treatments Steven learned to appreciate the importance of the gut microbiome in human health.

He is convinced many illnesses start in the gut. Herefor he took serveral courses conserning the gut microbiome and partnered with the company MyMicroZoo so he could offer advice on how to mediate the gut microbiome for a better health.

Together against Allergy and Autoimmunity

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