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Faecal egg count service

Checking a stool sample for eggs is the best way to determine whether any helminths are present, and most pathology labs will have a faecal (stool) test called something like "Ova, Cysts, and Parasites" or "Ova and Parasite". Unfortunately, most commercial laboratories have insufficient experience to accurately identify helminth eggs, especially when the number of ova is low, as it usually is in the stool of helminthic therapy users.

At YourSymbionts we do know what to look for with our faecal egg count service. We perform an ova flotation with faecalizer to detect the presence of any Na and Tto ova.

We also perform a quantitative measure with a modified McMaster egg counting technique. Based on these results we can make a rough estimate of the amount of adult probiotic helminths present in the gut.

Fecal egg count sample kit: Kit contains 2 stool sample fixation and transportation vials, 2 fecal catchers and a 3 layer packaging conform to UN3373 regulations for shipment of category B biological substances.


Qualitative results: Determination of the stool being negative or positive for Necator americanus and Trichuris trichiura ova true flotation.

Quantitative results: egg count by a modified concentration McMaster counting technique of Necator americanus ova. Sensitive up to 50 epg.

€75: kit + examination

Price includes shipment of the kit to the customer. Shipment to the laboratory not included.

The results will be send by email no later than 2 weeks from arrival of the sample to the laboratory.

Schedule online. It's easy, fast and secure.

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