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Fecal egg count service:

  •  Fecal egg count sample kit: Kit contains 2 stool sample fixation and transportation vials, 2 fecal catchers and a 3 layer packaging conform to UN3373 regulations for shipment of category B biological substances

  • Qualitative results: Determination of the stool being negative or positive for Necator americanus and Trichuris trichiura ova true flotation.

  • Quantitative results: egg count by a modified concentration McMaster counting technique of Necator americanus ova. Sensitive up to 50 epg.

  • €75: kit + examination

Price includes shipment of the kit to the customer. Shipment to the laboratory not included.

The results will be send by email no later than 2 weeks from arrival of the sample to the laboratory.

Payment through Paypal

To order, please email us at info@yoursymbionts.com

More information coming soon