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DefenCELL® is the most comprehensive and advanced Nutrigenomic supplement available. Containing both EnduraCell® and GliSODin® as well as host of other cytoprotective micronutrients, DefenCELL is an ideal daily supplement. Think of DefenCELL® as a ‘Nutrigenomic Multivitamin-Mineral’.

Cell-Logic DefenCELL 120 caps

54,95 €Prix
  • Clinical Data shows that compounds in DefenCELL® may:

    • Reduce cellular oxidative damage
    • Support cellular antioxidant defences within the body
    • Active key enzymes to remove cellular waste and support liver health

    The unique formulation of DefenCELL® contains enzyme-active Broccoli Sprouts with a patented strain of French Cantaloupe, produced for its high levels of antioxidant enzymes. These plant ingredients, both with significant Nutrigenomic potential, are combined with selected micronutrients to activate and support the body’s natural cellular detoxification processes, cell-protective and antioxidant defences.

    Taking the recommended four capsules of DefenCELL daily provides:

    • The superior benefits of two important Nutirgenomic ingredients; GliSODin® and EnduraCell®
    • Trace elements, zinc, manganese, and selenium necessary for the cell to make its own antioxidant enzymes
    • Key micronutrients, vitamin B6, B12 and folate (as 200 micrograms of 5-methyl folate (activated) and 200 micrograms of calcium folinic acid) plus essential trace elements shown to protect cells against DNA damage
    • 100 micrograms daily of iodine; a nutrient commonly deficient in modern diets
    • 1000IU of Vitam in D3; a key nutrient in maintain cell defences
    • The essential 400 micrograms of chromium needed for normal carbohydrate metabolism
    • PLUS 10mg of gamma-tocopherol; the form of Vitamin E best utilised by human cells

Together against Allergy and Autoimmunity

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