Frequently Asked Questions

What does Helminthic Therapy entail?
How does Helminthic Therapy work?
What illnesses can Helminthic Therapy help with?
Will Helminthic Therapy work for me?
Who shouldn't use Helminthic Therapy?
Is Helminthic Therapy safe?
Will I be cured when Helminthic Therapy catches on?
Are there any side effects from Helminthic Therapy?
How long will it take for Helminthic Therapy to work?
How can I order Helminthic Therapy?
How much does Helminthic Therapy cost?
What percentage of people have seen benefits from the therapy?
How can I terminate Helminthic Therapy?
Are there any substances I need to avoid while on Helminthic Therapy?
Where do you ship to?
Are there any shipping restrictions?
How long will it take for the shipment to arrive?
What happens if the larvae are not viable on application?
Can I store doses to use later?
Do I need to contact YourSymbionts when my next dose is due?
Can I pass the helminths on to anyone?

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